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The Purpose

The SiSTIRHOOD™️ Mentorship Group is a prophetic movement that was birthed to help awaken & provoke you into purpose, ignite you to unleash your inner roar into the earth, and to dismantle dysfunctional relationships with God and people!

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The Benefits

Joining the SiSTIRHOOD™️ will allow you enjoy purpose perks such as: 

1:1 Support

Monthly Check-ins

Access to Private Community Group

Special offers for all Gatherings

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Meet Your Midwife

The SiSTIRHOOD™️ Mentorship Group was birthed to develop healthy & whole relationships amongst women in pursuit of becoming their destiny and fulfilling their assignment in the earth. So many women have lost their voice and sense of purpose. God has given me a burden to help stir them into changing that narrative.

This community is designed for those who desire to be stirred and provoked, into birthing the will of God according to his blueprints for their life . I have this saying that “ Any vision God gives you, he’ll always give you the blueprints for it, but you have to labor in prayer and pursue him to get them”. I’m confident that I’m the necessary VOICE & Prophetic Midwife to assist you in Birthing God’s Way™️.

Let’s connect and expect to be IGNITED, PROVOKED, STIRRED and PUSHED out of love, to birth out your purpose & unleash your roar! I’m determined to awaken and bring life to spiritual wombs of diverse women all over the world.

Prophet Jacquelyn Bell

Choose your pricing plan

  • The SiSTIRHOOD™️ Install 1:1 Mentorship

    Every 2 months
    +$10 One -Time Installment Setup Fee
    Perfect for those that need a more flexible payment option. Payment of $ 274 due every 2 months.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Access to our Private FB Community
    • Monthly 1:1 with Prophet J
    • A copy of Bold Mentorship|Bold Community|Bold Destiny Book
    • Special event offers
  • The SiSTIRHOOD™️ 6 Month 1:1 Membership

    +$10 One -time payment processing fee
    One-time payment to secure your seat.
    Valid for 6 months
    • SiSTIR™️ 1 hour 1:1 Monthly Support
    • Access to Bi-Weekly Group Sessions
    • Access to the Private Facebook Community
    • Copy of Bold Mentorship|Bold Community| Bold Destiny Book
    • Special event offers
  • AfterCare Community Mentorship™️

    Every month
    This is for all mentees that have successfully completed the mentorship program only.
    • Access to Private Facebook Community
    • Access to Bi-Weekly Group Session Teachings
    • Exclusive Invites to Meet-ups
    • Reduced Ticket Prices to The SiSTIRs™️ & BroSTIRs™️Gatherings
Payment Plan
  • Which subscription do I choose from?
    There are two ways in which you can subscribe to the mentorship program: - Monthly installments of $333 that is due every 3 months. - One time annual payment of $999 that will cover the full 9 months.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    We do not offer refunds for the SiSTIRHOOD™️ Mentorship Group.
  • What if I desire to cancel my subscription?
    Depending on the length of your subscription it could be up to 9 months before the cancellation period.
  • How do I contact support?
    You can reach support the following different ways: Email: thesistirhoodmentorshipgroup Website:
  • Where will group sessions be held?
    Group sessions will be held on the selected virtual platform i.e. Zoom or our Private Facebook Community Page.
  • What are the terms and conditions I am agreeing to in becoming a mentee?
    Please review the detailed terms and conditions attached below. This will be provided to new mentee's during their on-boarding process to complete once the mentee has signed up for the program.
  • Who is the After-Care Mentorship Program for?
    This subscription is for mentee's who have graduated the program and desire to remain connected to the SiSTIRHOOD™ community and/or the mentor. The options are as follows: After Care Community Mentorship Group: - Access to Private Facebook Community Page - Access to Bi-Weekly Group Session Teachings - Exclusive Invites to Meet-ups - Reduced Ticket Pricing for The SiSTIRs™ & BroSTIRs™ Gatherings After Care One-on-One Support - One 1 hour session w/ Prophet Jacquelyn Bell every 3 months - Continued spiritual, professional, and personal development - Flexibility of booking on as needed basis

The Sistirhood Mentorship program has truly transformed my life. In the past year I have grown so much. Prophet J is very intentional about how she does things, every assignment, every instruction has purpose and meaning.  If it is your desire to fulfill your purpose and learn your true identity in Christ, it will happen in this program. The friendships I’ve gained through this Hood has been such a blessing, we really are like family. I have never felt this kind of love from a group of women before. Be okay with being stretched and provoked out of love. Because that is what she is here to do!

Braeahna Dotson, NC

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